Winter wheat

Winter wheat is the biggest crop in Denmark with a area on app. 650.000 ha.

Nordic Seed has it's own breeding of winter wheat, which primarily takes place at "Sofiehøj" on Lolland. 

We use traditional breeding supplemented with modern selection methods. The wheat varieties are selected under Danish conditions, so we ensure that the varieties are adapted to Danish cultivation principles.

Nordic Seed's breeding goal:

  • Winter wheat is the most common crop in Denmark by approxamately 650,000 ha.
  • Nordic Seed breeds its own strain of winter wheat, primarily at its Sofiehøj station on Lolland.
  • We use traditional breeding, supplemented by modern selection methods.
  • We select wheat varieties grown under Danish conditions to ensure that they are adapted to culture principles.
  • Our breeding goal is wheat varieties with stable high yield, high Falling Number and low susceptibility to leaf diseases.
  • We focus on quality wheat, such as Mariboss and Nakskov.