Pulses are an important protein source for cattle and pig feed and a great alternative to soya. Pulses are free of GMO and a good option for homegrown protein.


  • Peas are so much more than just yellow feed types.
  • Yellow peas do very well combined with barley, as they ripen at the same time and therefore optimise protein in feed supply.
  • Green/blue peas are often used for human consumption, e.g. canned peas, wasabi peas etc. Red peas are commonly used for bird feed, especially for pigeons.  


  • There is growing interest in homegrown proteins, mostly for pig feed, but also for cattle.
  • Organic agriculture needs crops that are high in nitrogen production, as ways of adding nitrogen are limited.
  • We can see from several trials that crop rotation improves after a season with field beans.
  • Political issues such as environmental demands for care of the land and the aquatic environment mean Nordic Seed is in the frontline of breeding both field beans and peas for feed and food.


Nordic Seed is in the frontline in breeding both field beans and peas for feed and food.

Pulses are in high demand for organic and conventional agriculture – the former benefits in particular from both valuable homegrown protein and nitrogen released for the following cereal crop.

Nordic Seed is also targeting pulses in feed.  There is increasing demand from conventional agriculture for pulses, e.g. field beans for feed. Furthermore, pulses are important for fulfilling requirements for ‘Greening’ in most European countries. 

Our pea breeding program is designed to deliver varieties suited for the main outlets for the crop - feed, human consumption, silage and the pet food industry. Standing ability and earliness are key factors in pea varieties harvested at maturity and together with disease resistance represent the most important general selection criteria.

We focus on seed quality specific for the many different outlets interested in our products. Yellow and green seed types, marrowfat and maples each have specific requirements considered in the program.


Our breeding method involves several generations of single seed descent at Dyngby and New Zealand prior to selection performed at Dyngby. Performance trials are also carried out there and on Lolland prior to distribution.
For more details on pulse breeding, please contact our breeder Jens Christian Knudsen.