Winter Rye

About 600,000 ha of winter rye are grown in Germany, and about 100,000 ha in Denmark. The total for the whole of Europe is approximately 5 million ha.


Winter rye has the best winter hardiness and water efficiency of all cereals grown as common agricultural crops in Europe. Rye is an undemanding and very robust crop, and can therefore be grown under a wide range of different conditions (environment, soil, etc.).

Rye is an excellent crop for agriculture due to its widespread use. It can also be used for making bread, animal fodder and biogas production. 
The enormous yielding power of hybrid rye has increased the attractiveness of rye.

Nordic Seed breeds its own winter hybrid rye at Nienstädt, Germany. We use traditional breeding supplemented by modern selection methods.

Our main focus is to select stable high-yielding varieties with good agronomical characteristics. For that we use our trial network throughout Europe in countries where rye is commonly grown.

Farmers can choose between different varieties according to purpose, for example Helltop or Brandie.

For more details of Nordic Seed’s rye breeding program, please contact our Nienstädt staff. Details follow.