About us

Quality seed breeding


Nordic Seed is a strong international player in a fast-growing market. We support the market with new varieties of wheat, rye, barley and peas.

We cover everything from cross-breeding new strains for variety development, to marketing all cereal and pea varieties for agricultural production and industrial use.

We also breed wheat for bread, industry and feed, barley for malt and feed and rye for bread and feed, and our new pea-breeding program will soon produce new varieties to add to our portfolio. We test everything at our three trial stations, two in Denmark and one in Germany. 

In addition to our own breeding activities, we also have representation of the most important agricultural crops in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, the Baltic countries and Germany.  
Nordic Seed has its own molecular, tissue culture, quality and seed laboratories to service breeding activities as well as seed producers. 

We increased our activities in Germany in 2016 when we acquired a hybrid rye breeding program. We intend to continue hybrid rye breeding here, along with further trials and testing of all our varieties.